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IN the beginning God created the heaven and the Earth. GENESIS 1:1 We pray to God to get the stones that the people need for healing.


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    These Natural Healing Massage Stones have come to you from the beginning of time. From the depths of the earth. 


Therapeutic Basalt Massage Stones have an amazing healing energy. They have been used for massage therapy around the world for many years.


Offer your body work clients a  luxurious hot stone massage. It's wonderful and therapeutic powers are a gift from heaven. Natures Massage Stones provides you the perfect basalt massage stones for maximum results. Both the relaxing, and healing benefits are truly a blessing to those who receive them.


All of our massage stones come to you directly from nature the way God intended them to be. We do not cut, tumble or polish our massage stones. Each of our massage stones are unique and one of a kind.


Our luxurious, naturally tumbled basalt massage stones come in various sizes and a varied array of colors. Each massage stone has been cleaned by hand and  treated with a special formula to create a soft, wonderful feeling on the skin. This formula is non-harmful and non-toxic to the skin.


We hand gather these beautiful massage stones from natural resources and pray to God for the people that need the healing. The rich diversity in mineralogical content makes each stone unique and one of a kind.

Our most popular - Complete Body  Massage Stones Sets

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58 Stones Complete Body Massage sets, Colored, Black or Combination page

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